Journey of Renewal for Your Weary Soul

Every day is filled with uncertainty. Each day presents responsibilities and challenges. You take your responsibilities seriously. Those responsibilities come with burdens—heavy burdens. You wear your burdens proudly and quietly until you cannot wear them anymore. Now you are feeling stuck and need some relief. You need renewed strength. You now need hope. You need encouragement. I understand your frustrations and feelings of discouragement and weariness. I authored this book just for you.

My desire is to take you on a journey of discovering how to trust Jesus to lead and guide you so that you can maintain the endurance and stamina to keep moving forward despite life’s challenges.

During this journey you will

  • Lay down and release your burdens at Jesus’s feet through lamentation (Section 1);

  • Embrace God’s promises through understanding His character (Section 2);

  • Revitalize your mind, soul, and spirit (Section 3); and

  • Seize the opportunity to renew your hope by tapping into inner strength that only God can provide (Section 4)

You will embark on a journey where you will gain relief, rest, and renewal for your weary soul. I desire for you to have the stamina to endure every hardship, test, and trial that life throws your way.

stamina cover.jpg