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Women of Endurance is community that provides engagement, encouragement, and empowerment for
women and young girls through inspirational and uplifting writings and educational resources.


Women of Endurance is determined to establish and provide a safe community for women and young girls to feels a sense of sisterhood. The mission of this community is to “empower, support, and encourage, women to persevere through everyday life challenges”.

I am Enough

The Movement

I AM ENOUGH was established in 2016.  It is where women and young girls can come for encouragement and support.  The goal is for girls to be comfortable and accept themselves "just as they are".  It is important for each girl to believe in herself and understand that she is "good enough"

Join the Movement

Often times as women we feel like we are the “only one” dealing with a certain situation or circumstance. Teen girls today feel this, too. The reality is that someone else is encountering or enduring same situation.  How great it is to be in a community where you can engage, be encouraged, and feel empowered and know you are enough?!


Join the endurance movement for full access to the growing FREE resource library of biblical topical studies especially designed to engage, empower, and encourage both women and young girls.


About Shemeca

I am a Christ loving, mommy of a teen daughter.  I live just south of Houston, Texas. My passion is helping and encouraging others.  I enjoy spending time with  with my daughter.  I also enjoy volunteering and giving back to my community. I am a social services consultant, with expertise in mental health, case management, foster care, adoption, domestic violence, and program development.  I obtained a Master’s Degree of Behavioral Sciences from University of Houston-Clear Lake.  I have worked in the social services field for 17 years. I taught Psychology at a community college for three years.  I also write for LaneofRoses.com


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