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Women of Endurance is a community that encourages, empowers, and supports
women through inspirational and uplifting devotionals and educational resources.


Women of Endurance is a safe community where women can feel a sense of sisterhood. The mission of this community is to encourage, empower, and support women to persevere through everyday life challenges.

Meet Shemeca

Often as women we feel like we are the “only one” dealing with a certain situation or circumstance.  Someone else is usually encountering or enduring the same situation.  How great is it to be in a community where you can feel encouraged, empowered, and supported? 


I am a Christ loving, mom of a teen daughter.  I live just north of Houston, Texas. My passion is helping, supporting, and encouraging others.  By day, I work as a social services worker providing mental health services and advocacy.  

I am divorced and have been a single mother for over a decade. I love encouraging and supporting women.  There is a special place in my heart for single mothers, women who have experienced trauma, and women and teen girls with mental health issues.   


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Houston, Texas

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