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Sadness vs. Depression

Life is tough.  Disappointments, setbacks and loss lead to sadness.  It is natural and normal to feel sadness from time to time to time.  They key is to be able to identify if you are getting stuck in the sadness and crossing into depression territory.

It is important to learn how to handle sadness and not get stuck

***know your triggers

***recognize warning signs

*** reach out to someone for support

Sadness vs. Depression


Monitor your mood.  Here are a few of my favorite coping skills:

*Take a walk

*Have lunch with a friend

*Watch a funny movie

*Take a bubble bath



**Talk to someone if you feel that your depression is getting out of your control.  Do not be afraid to reach out.**

***Reach out to us on the contact us tab if you need prayer, encouragement, or support.***

****If you are in a CRISIS or want to talk to someone right way, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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