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Meet Shemeca

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here.

My Story

I am the Founder/CEO of Women of Endurance. I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter. My education background is a BA in Psychology from West Texas A&M and an MA in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. I have been working in the social services field for 23 years.  I am the Founder/CEO of True Hope Consulting Services and the Program Director of a mental health agency.  My first book "Stamina" A Journey of Renewal for Your Weary Soul was published in 2022. My passion is to encourage, empower, and support women through tough moments and seasons in their lives.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, listening to praise/worship music and singing off-key, reading tons of books and research, being out in nature, and giving back to my community. I am thrilled to meet new people and share my experiences with others. 


I will offer you encouragement, empowerment, and support at Women of Endurance. I will be discussing challenges related to faith, relationships, mental health, parenting, lifestyle, and well anything that life throws my way. The mission of this community is to encourage, empower, and support women to persevere through everyday life challenges.


My life has been full of challenges..... I mean many, many challenges and obstacles!  But guess what?  I am an overcomer and so are you! I want to share life's ups and downs, highs and lows, triumphs and victories through faith! Life can be tough, especially right now. So let's slay life together one challenge, one day at a time!

His Love and Mine,

- Shemeca


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I would love to connect with you and hear more about your testimonies. Let's connect.

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