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Meet Shemeca

I am Shemeca Richard, the CEO and founder of Women of Endurance. I love To serve God and His People. I do this by encouraging women to keep going even when times get tough! I am so excited to meet you!

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I am divorced and a single mother to a beautiful young adult daughter. I have worked in social services for over 22 years as a program director and qualified mental health professional, offering mental health resources and advocacy to support clients and families. I obtained my master's degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. I am the author of Stamina: A journey of renewal for your weary soul. 

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading books, researching and studying, watching romantic and funny movies, and giving back to my community. I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences with others. I love cajun food, candles, sharpies, vibrant colored pens, and journals. 



His Love and Mine,

- Shemeca

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