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#ShareLove365 daily challenges

Wednesday, 12/21/16-Leave a dollar bill taped to random toys at the dollar store.

Thursday, 12/22/16-Let someone go ahead of you in line.

Friday, 12/23/16-No road rage/honking/yelling while driving today

Saturday, 12/24/16- Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and catch up

Sunday, 12/25/16-Say a prayer for someone

Monday, 12/26/16-Call a neighbor and ask if they need something from the store

Tuesday, 12/27/16-Leave a note/treat for the mailman

If you are not able to do them on these specific dates, you can do them out of order.

The goal is to #ShareLove365. Use the #ShareLove365 if you talk about your acts of kindness/love on social media. What if we got this kindness going all around the country/world.

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