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What does it mean to give and receive forgiveness? Well let me tell you. My friend Kimberly Dewberry nailed a great example of the power and redemption of forgiveness in her book THREE WEEKS to FORGIVENESS.

Kimberly is an adult child of an alcoholic. She knows all about giving and receiving forgiveness. She knows and talks abut finding God while in a dark, lonely, and desolate place in her life. I was able to review an advanced copy of the book. You can see my review that I posted on Goodreads below.

"In this book, Kimberly displays “true, raw emotions” that are felt by adult children of alcoholic parents. Kimberly’s story is an excellent example of God’s redemption and true forgiveness. I especially love the “Where Was God” section at the end of each chapter, as it really makes you take the time to stop, pause, and think about the topic that is being related to the scriptures. As a Qualified Mental Health Professional and a Ministry Leader, I recommend this book as a “healing resource” for adult children of alcoholic parents. I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher. "

The book is now available for preorder on Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book. You will not regret it. Pssttt. I heard that there was a chance for some free giveaways when you pre-order. Pre-Order your copy of Three Weeks to Forgiveness from Amazon, today!

HIS love and MINE,


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